State Research Center of the Russian Federation

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Industries forecasting

Generation of reliable data on the state and prospects of development of the automotive industries in Russian and abroad for the benefit of the industry enterprises.

Industries forecasting Center is:

  • Formation of reliable data on the status and prospects of automotive industry development in Russia and abroad in the interests of the industry
  • Development of industry foresight
  • Monitoring, analysis and forecasting vehicles production and sales volumes in Russia and abroad, quantity change, structure and use of vehicles fleet, as well as automotive technology marketing, including price setting, methods of sales promotion, after-sales services system, etc.
  • Development and monitoring of long-term and medium-term vehicle development programs realization and proposals (events) development for their implementation, taking in account international experience and state development programs
  • Assessing the impact of government regulation on automobile business development in Russia and abroad
  • Technical and technological analysis and assessment of trends development in products and industrial innovations on the forecasting time-frame (2020, 2030, 2050)

NAMI main advantages:

  • Information and administrative support of the government
  • Access to a wide range of statistical information sources on the domestic and foreign markets
  • Experienced and highly qualified professionals

Valeriy Tchaika

Director of the Center

8 (495) 454-03-00