State Research Center of the Russian Federation

2, Avtomotornaya st


Center "Vehicles and tractors"

Analysis of modern motor vehicles and components design and development of new motor vehicles and components.

Analyzes design of modern motor transports and aggregates as well as develops new motor transports and aggregates;

Transmissions development:

  • Manual transmissions,
  • Automatic transmissions,
  • Driving axles,
  • Differentials
  • Reduction gearboxes;
  • Transfer gear cases;
  • Power takeoff gearboxes.

Development of microclimate and temperature control systems:

  • Development of vehicle microclimate systems (ventilation, heating, air-conditioning);
  • Development of temperature control systems;
  • Development of mathematical modeling of climate and temperature control systems;
  • Vehicle systems layout.

Undercarriage and drive elements development:

  • Suspension;
  • Steering systems;
  • Braking systems;
  • Drives;
  • Supporting system.

Specialized automotive components development:

  • Auxiliary equipment for persons with disabilities;- Mechanical part development of modern vehicle control systems (automatic parking system, remote drive of units).

NAMI main service advantages:

  • Customized approach;
  • Experience and specialist’s high level of proficiency.

Sergey Semikin

Head of department "Systems, units and aggregates"