State Research Center of the Russian Federation

2, Avtomotornaya st


Work performed

2006 - Creating of fundamentally new vehicle (based on ZIL- 5301 chassis) with powerplant based on fuel cells that run on hydrogen (ODW "Hydrogen").

2006 - Development and creation of dimension-type unified series of automotive components new generation, built on the principle of modular design using advanced materials, electronic control systems and critical technologies, including recycling and disposal of materials. SHIFR "Component".

2006 - Creation of motor vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel using internal combustion engines and combined powerplants (ODW "Hydrogen 2").

2006 - Research, rang of warp development and creation of mobile compact vehicles for agriculture.

2006 - Analysis of the transport infrastructure assigns to the educational system, aiming at prevention of child road traffic injuries. Development of technical specifications for 11 and 22 seats local school buses, conceptual design and prototype model 11 seats bus.

2006 - Research and development work on new elements of passive safety application on vehicles, including the protection on automobile-pedestrian accidents.

2007 - Technology and design development of information and control diagnostic system ground transportation SHIFR IKDS.

2007 - Conceptual design development for a pilot sample of low-floor electric small class bus.

2007 - Development and production of vehicle prototype model with electric drive system and add-on drive mechanisms.

2009 - Development of design and technical documentation for hybrid power systems components with SGC for motor vehicles manufactured by JSC AvtoVAZ, JSC GAZ and JSC UAZ. Hybrid power system mock-up production with SGC SHIFR CD SGC.

2009 - Technical project development for medium sized commercial vehicles on resource-saving and environment-friendly combined powerplants base. Creating a mock-up of modular power unit SHIFR"CD Olympics.

2009 - Development and production of vehicle full-featured platform with add-on drive system mechanisms.

2010 - Project development for the medium sized commercial vehicles based on the combined powerplants on basis of technical design implementation. Production and preliminary testing of a prototype SHIFR AVT -10 -020.

2010 - Creating the vehicles family" Moscow taxi "on aggregate base of perspective Russian vehicle.

2010 - Development of the service braking system based on stepper motor for a new generation of vehicles with electric drive.

2010 - Development and production of "Gazelle" vehicle prototypes, equipped with the combined powerplants on ZMZ 405 engine base with starter- generator unit.

2011 - Implementation of developing tests and complex testing for three prototypes of medium sized commercial vehicles based on combined powerplants: LIAZ -5292HN, PAZ -3237HNM, PAZ -3349HN.