State Research Center of the Russian Federation

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Department of Energy Saving Technologies and Alternative Fuels

Improvement of traditional internal combustion engines as well as creation of power units for motor vehicles that run on alternative fuels.

FGUP "NAMI" and the department of Energy saving technologies and alternative fuels have a lot of experience in the development of highly efficient and environmentally safe natural gas engines for transport vehicles and fuel supply systems for alternative gaseous fuels for both Russian and foreign engines!

Fields or activity:

  • Design of the next-generation, gaseous fuel equipment, upgrading of the mass produced equipment.
  • Creation of gas engines for trucks and agricultural machinery.
  • Adaptation of natural gas equipment for different types and models of vehicles.
  • Laboratory bench and road testing of engines and motor vehicles.
  • Manufacture of gas conversion kits for vehicles equipped with spark ignition and diesel engines to run on compressed natural gas.
  • Manufacture of gas conversion kits for vehicles equipped with spark ignition engines to run on liquefied petroleum gas.
  • Manufacture of special booths and equipment for maintenance and repair of gas vehicles.
  • Conversion of vehicles to gaseous fuel. Warranty service and maintenance of vehicles running on gaseous fuel. Maintenance and repair of gas supply systems.
  • Technical assistance in setting up facilities for conversion of vehicles to gaseous fuel.
  • Creation and production of garage type CNG filling stations.
  • Design and manufacture of unique sensors and devices for automobile gas supply systems, test stands and CNG filling stations.
  • Development of technological normative documents and participation in the development of regulations and standards.

Vladislav Luksho

Head of the Department

+7 (495) 454-45-51

Anatoly Shostak

Senior Researcher

+7 (495) 454-45-51