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Center "Special vehicles"

Creation and study of special transport means for operation in severe environment.

Designs special vehicles for severe environments. One of the main work profiles of the department is R&D, design and experimental work for the Ministry of Defense.

Current tasks


  • R&D aimed at creating future all-terrain vehicles and main components of their transmission and chassis;
  • R&D to upgrade improves reliability, safety and basic performance of the vehicles;
  • R&D on special design and protective materials;
  • Passive safety issues of vehicle designs;
  • Scientific forecasting, analysis and evaluation of the technical merits of the special wheeled and tracked vehicles, evaluation of the prospects for their upgrade;
  • Type development for future vehicles;
  • Development of regulatory documents (technical regulations, GOST, OST, etc.)
  • Justification of general technical requirements for new vehicles and components;
  • Computational research;
  • Development of design documentation;
  • Support in making mock-ups and prototypes of special purpose vehicles;
  • Road and off-road testing;
  • Theoretical studies of impact of wheeled and tracked vehicles on soils with low bearing capacity;
  • Theoretical studies of cross-country performance of vehicles with different wheel drive types, number of axles, types of tires, suspension types, etc.;
  • Theoretical studies of driving stability, steering ability and braking of four-wheel drive vehicles;
  • Theoretical studies of the dynamic balance of traction in vehicles with different drive types;
  • Study of the power circulation in a locked vehicle driveline;
  • Theoretical studies of transmission and chassis stress modes, which appear during the vehicle motion under different conditions;
  • Theoretical studies of the process of entering the water and coming back ashore for amphibian vehicles, ways and means to increase speed in the water;
  • Theoretical studies of dynamic processes occurring in transmissions with hydrostatic drive.

In addition:

Technical level analyses of current in production and upgraded wheeled and caterpillar vehicles multi and general transport purpose.

Development of prospective models, forecasting, prospective study of general requirements for wheeled and catepillar vehicles.

Development of prospective multipurpose four-wheel drive all-terrain, all-terrain wheeled and catepillar vehicles, articulated wheeled and catepillar vehicles of various types and purposes, armored vehicles of various types and purposes, special wheeled chassis, including amphibian catepillar tractors, including unmanned with combined powerplants, as well as gearboxes, caterpillars and other components for them.

Application problem-solving of increasing passive safety, technical level, reliability and operational performance of vehicles.

Development of special agency, interagency, federal and other complex target programs on the above machines.

The department is involved in developing the guidelines for the future evolution of motor vehicles federal and state agency programs for the development of the automotive technology;

Evaluation of draft vehicle types, project specifications, vehicle designs, GOSTs and OSTs, as well as consulting service for persons and organizations interested in matters within the department's field of research;

Technical assessment of patents and rationalization proposals from companies and organizations on their profile for industrial application feasibility;

Participation in the acceptance, inter-agency and other types of tests for all-terrain vehicles;

Making recommendations for acquisition of licenses for promising foreign developments, purchase of sample vehicles, that match the main profile of the department;


Official estimation of possibilities and sequence of changes for modification of motor vehicles.

Center is engaged in examination of the changes made to the design of vehicles including armored.

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Igor Pliyev

Head of the Center

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Alexander Akhmedov

Head of department caterpillar vehicles

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8 (495) 456-57-13


Andrey Saykin

Head of department special programs

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8 (495) 456-57-13


Sergey Ermachenkov

Head of department special design and protective materials