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Author guide

The procedure of manuscript presentation by the author

The article is delivered in electronic form (format Microsoft Word) without handwritten notes. The volume should not exceed 20 pages of format A4, together with references to the cited resources. Together with the file of the article, it is necessary to provide the expert conclusion about the possibility of open publication.

Scientific or analytical review papers, not published by the author (authors) before and consistent with the main directions of the collection of scientific articles “Trudy NAMI” are accepted for publication in the Collection. Each paper should be signed by the author (authors). The number of published papers in one issue is limited by one.

Each article should comprise the following information both in RUSSIAN and ENGLISH: the thematic section (UDK), title; full name of the author (authors), scientific degree and the title (if any), position, name of the organization (place of work), post address of the author (authors) and of the organization; contact telephone number; E-mail; 200 word abstract; key words.

The abstract should repeat the structure of the article in a short form and must have the following parts (each part from a new paragraph): introduction (statement of the problem and relevance), the purpose of the study, methodology and research methods, results and scientific novelty, practical significance. The English version of the annotation must be of high quality, not being a mechanical translation.

The number of sources references to be cited must be at least 12. There may be encouraged references to publications after 2000, including foreign sources. Self-citation is allowed once. Links are submitted in Russian, as well as made by transliteration in the BGN system (www.translit.net).

Articles are subject to mandatory review and are checked for illegal borrowing. The practices “two-way blind” (anonymous) reviewing (the reviewer and the author do not know each other's names). If the article is rejected, the author receives a reasoned refusal.

The author is responsible for the validity of information for publication. The manuscripts are not sent back to the author (authors).

The “Trudy NAMI” does not accept or publish articles of a political, religious or pseudoscientific nature.

The publication of scientific article in “Trudy NAMI” is free.

Requirements to manuscripts

  1. Times New Roman type, print 14, interval 1,5. Latin letters are printed in italics, while Greek and Russian as well as indices and indicators of degree, mathematical symbols lim, lg, const, sin, cos, tg, min, max and others, numbers equations are printed in Roman type. Abbreviations should be given explanatory notes. The range of values is given in dash, except for duration of time (dash). Margins – 2 cm.

  2. Drawings and tables follow the references to them at the end of the paragraph. Additionally, drawings in format tiff, jpg, bmp, dwg (not less than 300 dpi) are to have a throughout numeration, be signed and attached to the manuscript in separate files indicating clearly the appropriate position for each drawing. The tables also are to be numbered throughout and should have captions. The shortening of words in the table is not permitted. References to the table – tabl. 1. References to the drawings – fig. 1.

  3. For formulas Math Type or Equation programmes are to be used. The only formulas to be numbered are those which are referred to. Simple mathematical expressions (containing no fractions, roots or complex indexes, etc.) are placed in the text. All signs in formulas should be explained together with indication of measurement units in SI system.

  4. The list of references is to be made according to the order of citation, bibliography description – according to GOST R 7.0.5 – 2008. In the text the references to the source of citation are to be given in square brackets, at the end of the sentence before the stop.

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