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Post-graduate school

Postgraduate programs exist in FSUE "NAMI" since 1931 and are the main source of top staff training.

Post-graduate school

The post-graduate school at FGUP "NAMI" exists since 1931.

It offers post-graduate studies in two fields: "Wheeled and tracked vehicles" (05.05.03.) and "Heat Engines" (5.4.02.). Successful applicants must have completed higher professional education.

The education in the post-graduate school can be full-time or part-time. Additionally, persons with the basic "specialist" degree can become degree-seeking students, pass the candidate degree examinations and prepare dissertations for the candidate degree.

The course at the postgraduate school should not exceed three years, while in the case of part-time study the maximum is four years. The attachment of applicants for candidate examinations is done for a period of at most two years and for preparation of the thesis — three years.

An application for admission to the postgraduate school must be addressed to the Director General of FGUP "NAMI".

It should be supplemented with the following documents:

copies of the state diploma of higher professional education and its annexes;

personal form of personnel accounting;

3 photos, 3 × 4 sm;

a copy of the employment record;

list of scientific publications, inventions and reports on research work done, if there are any scientific works or inventions, or an essay on the chosen topic;

review of the essay by the proposed supervisor;

a certificate of candidate examinations (if any).


The passport and university diplomas must be presented in person.


The applicants entering the postgraduate school pass the following entrance exams:

  • specialty;
  • philosophy;
  • foreign language.

Retake of the entrance exams is not allowed. Completed entrance exams for the postgraduate school are valid for one calendar year.

The results of final master's examinations in philosophy and foreign language are accepted as postgraduate school entrance exams if the master's individual study plan included examinations in these subjects.

Persons who have passed all or some of the candidate examinations are exempt from the relevant entrance exams.

The admission decision is taken by the acceptance commission on each applicant personally on the basis of the results of the entrance exams.

Those, who have previously completed a course in a postgraduate school, have no right to receive another postgraduate education at the expense of the budget.

Alexandr Streletskij

Head of the postgraduate school

+7 (495) 454-10-81