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Center "Standartization and Certification"

Works on technical regulation at all stages of automotive product life cycle.

Center of "Standardization and identification":

Carries out the activities on technical regulation at all life cycle stages of automotive industry products:

  • Participation in the activities of international and regional organizations for standardization: International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Society of Automotive Engi-neers (SAE), etc.
  • Performance and coordination of the activities on standardization of automotive industry products including military motor vehicles.
  • Development of the inter-state, national and state military standards specifying the requirements related to active and passive safety, ecology, technical compatibility, reliability and quality, resource saving for the vehicles, vehicle components and modern attachment systems.
  • Assignment of the World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI) and World Parts Manufacturer Identifier (WPMI) codes to Russian vehicle manufacturers, along with information submitting to the International Agency working under supervision of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
  • Assignment of 17-digit VIN codes for the unique (one-of-a-kind) vehicles.
  • Maintenance of class 45 "Means of Road Railless Transport" of the Unified System for Design Documentation (USDD) Classifier (OK (All-Russian Classifier) 012-93) and Industrial Classifier of Automotive Industry Products along with assignment of identification attributes (features) to the new vehicle designs – designations, industrial A-OKP (All-Russian Classifier of Products by Assortment) codes – and with determination of OKPD codes for All-Russian Classifier of Products by Economic Activities.
  • Provision of concerned automotive industry enterprises with state military standards and industrial technical standard documents.

Basic advantages of NAMI services

  • Experience in the field of standardization for more than 60 years
    - The document collection for standardization with ca. 3,500 documents has been prepared and is being updated.
    - Development results:
    - more than 400 national and inter-state standards, as well as ca. 700 industry-related standards;
    - ca. 50 state military standards.
  • Experience in the field of vehicle and vehicle component identification for more than 50 years
    - Since 1966, the industrial data bank of design designations (indices) of vehicle models has been formed, and since 1976, the industrial data bank of 10-digit A-OKP (All-Russian Classifier of Products by Assortment) codes has been formed. Examination of technical documentation provided for new versions of vehicle designs is conducted as well as more than 500 indices and A-OKP codes are assigned on an annual basis.
    - Since 1980, the Institute has assigned more than 2,000 WMI codes to vehicle manufacturers.
    - Since 2011, the Institute has assigned more than 300 VIN codes to vehicle designs being the result of individual technical creativity.
  • High level qualification of specialists;
  • The Center involves the specialists from all structural subdivisions of FSUE "NAMI" and specialized automotive industry institutes to provide the works on standardization using the expertise and best practices of engineers and scientists engaged in development, research and testing of automotive industry products.

Vadim Fedotov

Standardization of Automobile Products Department Director, executive secretary of TK 56 (MTK56) "Road transport"

+7 (495) 456-63-13


Elena Kozyreva

Head of department "Standardization" "Standardization and identification" Center

+7 (495) 456-45-39


Nikolay Zaburin

Head of department "Identification" "Standardization and identification" Center

+7 (495) 456-44-00