State Research Center of the Russian Federation

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Center "Standartization and Certification"

Works on technical regulation at all stages of automotive product life cycle.

Performed work

The Center fulfils the package of works within the functions assigned and entrusted to the Institute as follows:

  • The Secretariat of National and Inter-State Technical Committees for Standardization "Road Transport" (TC 56/ITC 56)
  • The parent organization for standardization of military motor vehicles
  • The Russian competent authority for assignment of the World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI) and World Parts Manufacturer Identifier (WPMI) codes
  • The responsible organization for maintaining class 45 "Means of Road Railless Transport" of the USDD Classifier (OK 012-93) and A-OKP Industrial Classifier of Automotive Industry Products

The works performed in 2015-2016.

  • Jointly with specialists from structural subdivisions of FSUE "NAMI" and specialized automotive industry institutes, in accordance with Program On Devel-opment of Inter-State Standards, as approved by Decision No.88 of the Eurasian Economic Commission Collegium dated 16 April 2013, and Program On Development of the National Standards for the Types of Products, Services and Software being High-Priority and Critical in terms of Import Substitution and National Safety, as approved by Order No.514 of Rosstandart (Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology) dated 29.04.2015:
    - 39 inter-state standards were developed and approved by Rosstandart (Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology);
    - 17 draft projects of inter-state and national standards were developed.
  • Jointly with the Technical Committee for Standardization "Attachment Products" (TC 229), in order to reduce the costs for manufacture and assembly of modern attachment systems for motor vehicles, as well as to enhance reliability of threaded joints and connections when operating motor vehicles, in ac-cordance with the Program for National Standardization of the Russian Federation:
    - 7 inter-state standards were developed and approved by Rosstandart (Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology);
    - 3 draft projects of national standards were developed.
  • The R&D expertise/examination was conducted, and the feedback and comments on 47 draft projects of national and state military standards received from third-party organizations were prepared.
  • The packages of technical documentation for vehicles provided by enterprises were studied, and the following was assigned:
    - ca. 140 WMI codes – along with information submitting to the International Agency working under supervision of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), as well as to the General Administration for Traffic Safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia;
    - more than 700 designations and A-OKP codes for new versions of vehicle and vehicle component part designs developed by automotive industry enter-prises.
  • The technical documentation for vehicle designs being the result of individual technical creativity provided by private individuals was studied, and ca. 190 VIN numbers were assigned.

Vadim Fedotov

Standardization of Automobile Products Department Director, executive secretary of TK 56 (MTK56) "Road transport"

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Elena Kozyreva

Head of department "Standardization" "Standardization and identification" Center

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Nikolay Zaburin

Head of department "Identification" "Standardization and identification" Center

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