State Research Center of the Russian Federation

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<span>Crowdsourcing</span> NAMI

Crowdsourcing NAMI

Do you have an mechanical engineering idea, design solution or an innovative project? Welcome to the web-site crowdsourcing NAMI

Centre For Automotive Vehicle <span>Testing</span> And Refinement

Centre For Automotive Vehicle Testing And Refinement

We conduct research of almost all the technical properties of motor vehicles, trailers, motorcycles, including active and passive safety, the environment, ergonomics, fuel efficiency, speed, durability, corrosion resistance and other research.

<span>Standartization</span> and Certification

Standartization and Certification

Providing the industry regulatory documents into the companies interested in automotive industry

Information and <span>Intelligent</span> Systems

Information and Intelligent Systems

Implemented complete development cycle of electronic control systems for all types of engines, automatic transmissions, hybrid and electric cars

Department of <span>Energy</span> Saving Technologies and Alternative Fuels

Department of Energy Saving Technologies and Alternative Fuels

Design and creation of the next-generation, gaseous fuel equipment, upgrading of the mass produced equipment

<span>Special</span> vehicles

Special vehicles

R&D to upgrade improves reliability, safety and basic performance of the vehicles

Technical <span>Expertise</span>

Technical Expertise

Expertise ofroad traffic accident circumstances, expert diagnostics, ofvehicle parts and etc.



Powerplants new generation mathematical simulation models development